Pakistan Setting Up World's Biggest Solar Park

The minister led a Pakistani delegation to participate in COP22 Conference held in Morocco, which provided an opportunity to signify achievements made in addressing climate change.

He said the world community was informed that Pakistan's contribution to global warming was minimal, and added, "We emit less than 1 per cent of total annual global greenhouse gas emissions. Yet we are ranked amongst the top ten countries most vulnerable to climate change."

He added that millions of people were affected and colossal damage was caused on recurring basis.

"These threats pose major survival concerns for Pakistan, particularly in relation to country's water security, food security and energy security. They also have enormous adverse consequences for all socio-economic sectors, impeding our ability to promote sustainable growth and development and economic prosperity of our people," the minister highlighted.

Pakistan Parliament was also the first in the world to become completely "green" by converting 100 per cent to solar energy.

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