Solar energy: Improved data mining tool for hourly solar radiation

Elmenreich goes on to say:“Solar radiation data provide information on how much of the sun’s energy strikes the Earth’s surface at a specific location during a defined time period”. These data are needed for effective research into solar energy utilization. Due to the cost and difficulty involved in obtaining solar energy measurements, these data are not readily available; therefore, researchers have explored alternative ways of generating these data.

The “Smart Grid Lab” in Klagenfurt has now successfully developed such a model. Supplied with a total of six different inputs − mean daily solar radiation, hour angle, sunset hour angle, date, latitude and longitude− the model calculates the mean hourly solar radiation. Wilfried Elmenreich is pleased with the results: “The results prove that the model can predict the hourly solar radiation very well, and with an accuracy of prediction exceeding that of the empirical and statistic models used so far.”